Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable clothing made from recycled plastic bottles, compostable wood pulp, organic cotton & NZ merino wool.

Loop Workwear offers a diverse range of Sustainable Clothing. From Recycled Polyester, made from PET Plastic Bottles. To a 100% compostable Lyocell made from wood pulp. This gives companies a wide range of choice when looking to implement a sustainable uniform. 

Workwear is an important part of your brands identity and enables businesses and organisations to ensure staff looks presentable when dealing with customers. So being able to achieve that in an environmentally responsible way enhances your company message.

Loop Workwear team is committed to sustainability at every level starting from choice of fabrics. We are fascinated with new technologies which allow NZ businesses to be more sustainable when it comes to workwear.


Discover the wide range of workwear made from sustainable fabrics unique to Loop Workwear