Loop Workwear NZ

Introducing Bio Cotton

Bio Cotton is a term used for certified organic cotton that has been made with a synthetic fiber. The term “Organic Cotton” can only be used in clothing that is 90% or more organic cotton in the fabric composition. Bio Cotton still gives all the great benefits of organic cotton such as sustainability, free of harsh chemicals and an overall higher quality fabric compared to standard cotton.

All Loop Workwear Bio Cotton is certified GOTS organic cotton (Learn more about these standards here). When you have more that 5% of another fiber that is not Organic Cotton it can no longer be called “Organic Cotton” and the term “Bio Cotton” is used. For example, H&M and many other European brands use Bio Cotton in the process of moving to more sustainable fabrics.

All of Loop Workwear Bio Cotton fabrics are a layered fabric with the Organic Cotton against the skin, and Recycled Polyester on the outer side.  Both fabrics have key benefits and with the fabric having two sides, you get the best our of both the natural and synthetic fibres.

With the Recycled Polyester on the outside eliminates the common issues with cotton. Key benefits are:

  1. Superior colour fastness and fade resistance from sunlight.
  2. Highly durable
  3. Helps fabric keep it’s shape over time. Meaning that when it’s stretched it returns back to it’s original shape. 100% cotton loses it’s stretch over time giving that potato sack look.


With Organic Cotton on the inside eliminates the common issues with polyester. Key benefits are:

  1. Low skin irritation
  2. Naturally breathable fabric closest to the body
  3. High level of comfort


Loop Workwear is fascinated with new technologies which allow business to be more sustainable by using sustainable fabrics.